It all started when I took a long needed vacation to Riveredge Resort in the 1000 Islands. This vacation was much needed. I used to be the director of operations in a medium sized lawn & landscape, maintenance design and build firm. That also evolved into snow plowing, removal and salting. (For all the landscapers reading this, this is for you.) So I took my family for a quick getaway to the 1000 Island region. Mind you, this was shortly after 4th of July, when all the landscapers have been pushing it so hard to get all their customers’ properties to look so great for greatest event of the summer months. So, on the way up we made a couple of stops, and during our stay in that region, I did a lot of thinking., crew effencies and such, and I went blank. From that day forward I wasn't thinking how I could help build a landscape company anymore. I found my calling. It was to open up a retail landscape supply center, and it's namesake had to be Adirondack Mulch and Stone Company. I must tell you why I chose that name; while on vacation, the places I saw, the air I smelled, the water I touched, and the land that I walked on! This same area that I visited seemed to be sinuous with honest, fair and wholesome; what more could you ask for? So I modeled my thoughts of what the company will stand for, and that was going to be: it's fair, honest and wholesome approach to daily business. There was one thing I could never control 100 % in my landscaping career; that was when the crews went out to do a job, would the job be to everyone's expectation? 70-80% of the time, yes it was done correctly the first time. This was one of my deciding factors to switch my profession. I wanted to be attached to something I never had to explain, why this happened or why it didn't happen. So when I got home I had so much to do. I had to create what this was going to be, and since July of 2000 the concept was building and we had a name. Officially in April of 2001 we branded the name to the public, through the landscape firm I was employed with. It was called *ACME (*To protect the innocent) selling Adirondack Mulch and Stone products. Our initial offerings weren't much, but it kept us busy from April 15 - July 15. Now our offerings keep us busy year-round, and in every truck load of mulch and fieldstone we deliver, that vacation that started it all comes back to me. To all of our customers that love a little bit of the Adirondacks in the heart of a city; Thank you for believing!

Since those beginning days we are ever so evolving. Our current offerings are much greater and Adirondack Mulch and Stone is now The Adirondack Company. From having retail locations called Adirondack Mulch and Stone, and still providing our signature quality mulches and stone products, to developing it own Trucking and Roll-off Container divisions and wholesale divisions. Ultimately I want to grow this company to be in all the major cities throughout New York State by offering Franchise and Licensing opportunities, as well as company owned stores.
I Love NY.

Jeff Clarke